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Friday, April 16, 2010Y

we have changed our attendance system marking thingy so now right, whenever u are absent, u have to
1. tell me/yushan before hand (as usual)
because now your attendance will only be marked as excused AFTER u hand in the documentation

to make things clear right
ALL PERSONAL STUFF - must tell mrs ee first, and then tell me. and then provide a parent letter. dont just tell mrs ee and end there. because liddat sometimes only mrs ee know and the people who mark attendance dont knw

ALL MEDICAL STUFF - tell me and provide mc. if no mc MUST have parents letter.

ALL OVERSEAS STUFF - tell me before u leave and give passport photocopy after you come back to show u went overseas

ALL SCHOOL STUFF - like school send u for excursion/cip wadeva, just tell me the reason cos school will giv u LOA

ALL NON-SCHOOL OUTSIDE STUFF - like its a competition/lecture/activity but its not school send you one you NEED some documentation to prove you have to go there. if not a parents letter

yep so now pls rmb to follow up ur absence with documentation.

ends at 9:24 PM

Friday, April 9, 2010Y

hey this is the schedule outside M401 about which days who need to come and wadeva cos of block test.

DONT ASK ME ANYMORE AR its all here so dont blame me if u come on the day u r not supposed to come. -.- and of course COME WHEN U ARE SUPPOSED TO

week 6
27 april (tue) ONLY UPPER SEC need to come
29 april (thur) ONLY UPPER SEC need to come
1 may (sat) = labour day NO DAZU

week 7
4 may (tue) NO DAZU
6 may (thur) ONLY LOWER SEC need to come
8 may (sat) HAVE DAZU EVERYBODY must come

and once again guzheng concert (which we have to play hongqi for) is on 15 may (sat)
*pls dont waste ur money and go buy tickets to go watch

ends at 10:55 PM