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Friday, January 30, 2009Y

For those ppl who didn't manage to get through the auditions, please don't be sad. Just jiayou and buck up next time. there will always to chances !! PLEASE PLEASE don't be sad about it about it anymore. Spare me for my lousy english, you all know wad i mean.


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Thursday, January 15, 2009Y

domo boyfriend girlfriend

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Monday, January 5, 2009Y

hey people
final session of huibao is 30 jan those who didn't come for camp pls prepare ur piece and ur intro by then kay?
mrs ee's audition is probably around 29-30 jan, at m4-02. so pls prepare urself for it. mrs ee is testing the SYF pieces (DUH) so go prac chun and chan ge. don't think that its kuaigong or anything kay :)

um CNY concert is coming soon too. altho not sure date but we're doing chun so jiayou!


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Sunday, January 4, 2009Y

zz I spent so long typing just now then my comp crashed. -.- ok anyway rejoice ppl! cuz lunch pracs starts this coming week, which means week 1 of term 1. There are some changes to the schedule of the pracs and in case everyone forgot what their slot is i will post it again here.

People under me:
Heng Yeng (Tues recess)
Sirong (Tues lunch)
Pui Lin (Wed recess)
Yuehan (Wed lunch)
Marissa (Thurs lunch)
Shi Chen (Fri recess)
Hui Ling (Fri lunch)

People under Queenie:
Jin Cheng (Tues recess)
Wan Ting (Tues lunch)
Wan Qing (Wed recess)
Valesha (Wed lunch)
Carina and Yushan (Thurs recess)
Si Ning (Thurs lunch)

All lunch/recess prac venues will be at science block 3rd level benches. Please come asap when your teacher lets you off. You can ask someone to help you buy food if you're hungry but rmb that you're not allowed to eat on the 3rd floor. (stupid rule) yup so I hope through these lunch/recess pracs, you'd be able to pass mrs ee's auditions smoothly! I sincerely hope everyone would be able to perform during syf, especially the sec 3s, as this is your first and last time competing in syf with nyco!Yup so everyone jiayou and practise hard ok!


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Friday, January 2, 2009Y


yay yay yay! ;D


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