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Wednesday, November 19, 2008Y

hi xianyue
mrs ee was quite um unhappy with us today so
heres just a reminder of what she told us to do
1) from now on come at 8.30am for all dazus to tiaoyin beforehand...
we have to keep doing it until our yinzhun gets better...
and we're not supposed to tiaoyin at the same time together must one by one or else it won't be correct
2) pls bring your own tiaoyinqi everytime too 'cause its not very good to always borrow from people
3) whenever you are late for dazu, don't just come into m401 and go sit down. mrs ee expects us to go up to tell her why you are late. even though she may know the reason already.
oh and annoucement:
from now on CCA will end at 5pm instead of 4.30pm. but since zls wants xiaozu until 6pm its still the same thing.

ends at 1:07 AM

Saturday, November 15, 2008Y

hello hello just to inform you all again I won't be in singapore 16th nov to 29th so if you aren't going for cca please don't tell me please tell wang jia if not you'll wasting your money only ya so thanks uh i'm flying off very soon! everyone have fun in cca and don't let me down for gu huai xun gen uh.


ends at 12:41 PM

Wednesday, November 5, 2008Y

hi xianyue this is wangjia!
heres a photo i have of zls' finger!
ie. wanqing's sausage
na li lai de luo tuo ke ya
sa li long bang hey ya hey
~~ask wan ting how to sing this!

ends at 9:26 PM