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Friday, September 11, 2009Y

(beware long post)

a few reminders:
dont let the door slam behind you whenever you leave M401 (esp during the middle of dazu)
if you need to leave in the middle of dazu, you have to inform mrs ee BEFORE dazu starts and when you leave that time you have to tell her again BEFORE you leave. dont just walk out like that. if shes talking, you have to wait for her to stop talking first.
also if you are late for dazu some reason you have to tell mrs ee WHY before you go to ur seat. dont just walk in like that.

so sorry there wont be any subsidies for the geco concert ticket! D: you can throw away your stubs now i think...

OH KAY next part

XU LAO shi's concert!
25th sep. $13.
i already called the people up to book the tickets and they say to pay by cash you bring the cash the SCH (singapore conference hall. not school). on that day then can get the tickets... still waiting for their email so will update u guys later.
i confirmed with ZHANG LAO shi that xls' bday is on that day! so... maybe we can give her a big bouquet as her bday present at the concert? and a card? what do you all think? pls giv suggestions!
as for eating dinner together i sms u all next time. put on blog might have stalker haha.

last part

people who still owe pizza money: ($2)
letitia, jiayue, shufen, carina, shichen, jincheng, sining, huiling, jiaying, valesha


ends at 11:21 PM

wooo thursday was the first time we had (such a big) xianyue outing AGAIN :DD


ends at 11:13 PM

Saturday, September 5, 2009Y

hello regarding holiday practice it is:

tuesday AND thursday
9am-12pm 大组
1.30-5pm 小组
as always la.

eh a few things that me and yushan will start 讲究ing from now on...

DO NOT (i repeat) DO NOT wear coloured socks okay, last time holiday pracs i knw got a lot of people wear but i'm sure everyone knows its illegal.

for sectionals must push in chairs and arrange tables and dont leave your rubbish behind. clean up means arrange everything NEATLY. not anyhow anyhow okay. clean up finish then can go.
oh this holiday sec1s will join the rest during xiaozu :D so dont go to a separate class pls.

i shall reinforce this point DO NOT EAT IN M401! if you are really THAT hungry mrs ee said that you can go and find her and ask for permisson to step out of M4 for 5 mins and quickly finish up your food.

pls INFROM me or yushan if you cannot come for cca or are going to be late.
sick = MC
holiday = passport photocopy + parents letter
family matters or wadeva = parents letter

oh anyway 张老's talk is tonite i'll see those who are coming tonite 6.15 @ U-KNW-WHERE!:D oh erm wear home clothes. the talk is 7.30-9pm


ends at 10:34 AM

Thursday, September 3, 2009Y


Just a reminder for you from Li lao shi,
Please remember that you are supposed to come for CCA if you have an excursion but it ends at like 4 or 5.
You are supposed to come back for CCA or else your attendance will be marked as "0" instead of an "E" .
Li Lao shi will spare the Sec 1s who didn't come back for CCA after their outing at 晚晴园 today as they are new. But she will not spare us anymore.

Thank you!

Yu Shan

ends at 10:00 PM