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Monday, October 27, 2008Y

Hello xianyue this is your SL once again! Few issues to inform here. 

1) Huibao
For those who don't know what huibao is, it's this annual showcase of what you have learnt in the year to Mrs Ee and the whole CO during the end-of-year CO camp. You can either play individually or in groups of not more than 3. However xianyue is so big so I suggest can have groups of 5 to 6? Each level can split into two groups luh. Those who wanna go solo are free to do so! =D So basically it's like last year's hui bao where you choose a piece to play, practise together and perform. Oh before you perform right you must write a short introduction on the piece you're playing IN CHINESE and read it to the whole CO! That's what we did last year too. Most of the time we play our kaoji pieces but refrain from playing lian xi qus. They're so boring. 

2) Trying of CO uniform
The sec 1s and 2s don't have their CO uniforms yet so Xinyi is asking all the lower sec ppl to go to M401 during this Tues, Wed or Thurs (28/10, 29/10, 30/10) after school to try on sizes. PLEASE do turn up if not you won't know what size you're wearing. And for the sec 3s, if your uniform is too tight, you're encouraged to buy new ones too. You can just buy the blouse so if your skirt still fits you don't have to buy another one. 

3) Excuse letters
Here are the people who owe me excuse letters for Thursday's xiaozu and Friday's dazu.
Thursday (23/10)
- Valesha
- Pui Lin

Friday (24/10)
- Wanqing
- Pui Lin

Please think about what you want to play for huibao cuz I have to prepare a list of performers' and item's names. And please be reminded that on 6/11 and 13/11 we'll be having full day xiaozus. 

After getting your SYF pieces, please practise them diligently as there will only be 80 people allowed on the stage for SYF so there'll be auditions next year. Considering the current size of our CO, please practise hard in order to have the chance to take part in SYF next year. Oh and those who want to go for ACJC concert please tell me. Um I forgot the date but I'll sms you all again sometime this week. 

Ok I think that's about it. Everyone jiayou in your kaoji! =D

ends at 5:47 PM