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Sunday, March 21, 2010Y

hello all we will be starting mon morn practices from next mon onwards (29march) to prepare our 红旗 which we never ever have time to prac during 小组 ._. so the pracs will just be on doing our 齐奏 first cos we will have to play this for the guzheng concert on 8may! (they invited xianyue to play an item for them so cannot 丢脸!!!)
which is only like what
6 weeks away
!! PLUS we have BLOCK TESTS in between so might have to cancel a few pracs!!! AHHHHHH OMG OMG NO TIMEEEEEE
so for now this week pls go home and revise all ur 红旗s!!!
we will split into groups first so here are our groupings...(the ones in brackets are the morn prac leaders who will be in charge of teaching the ppl in their grp)

1)christine shuying rachael chenqi zijun (yushan)
2)clara jerene letitia shufen sylvia jiaqi (carina)
3)jincheng huiling shichen lanqiong jiayue cheryl (wanqing)
4)jiaying felicia yuehan(wangjia)
5)valesha kangning sining marissa (hengyeng)
6)xinyi sihui sirong wanting (puilin)

these groupings are tentative ok! after we try out we might shift people here and there and maybe merge some groups :D

yep jiayou everyone! i will tell u all about this again this thursday!

ends at 11:47 PM