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Sunday, November 29, 2009Y

i'm back ;D

so sorry to those who sent me sms unknowingly when i was in china cause i think u had to pay extra for overseas sms ><

anyway announcement again:

a lot of people still owe money

for only the flowers (given during xls' concert which was like a million yrs ago) : $1.90
letitia, jincheng,puilin, yuehan,hengyeng, sining

those who owe BOTH pizza and flowers: $2 + $1.90

also, pls tell me if you have any holiday plans (from what day to what day and where u are going) which might clash with any co practices. i REALLY REALLY dont want any last min sms-es (unless it was really last min then too bad D:)

also also also, there are still a few stuff which sum people havent collected from me:
1. SYF picture
2. yingxuan's handkerchief (this is in the m401 tunning room cupboard)
3. holiday practice schedule

4. my keychains from china ;D

if you dont have any of these 3 things PLS PLS PLS come and get it off my hands ._.

thats all i think ;D

ends at 11:11 AM