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Thursday, April 30, 2009Y

Hello xianyue. People still owe me money for the xians. So I have decided I shall help you all pay first, then if you actually didn't want to buy xians (like you have them already, the same brand and everything), you just give the xians back to me for me to use haha. Meaning I pay for the xians, you all give me the xians and you all dunneed to pay money. Only for those who haven't given me money yet luh. Eh if you don't understand just sms me loll.

Oh and take note that there'll be xiaozu next thursday but no dazu on friday, cuz it'll be pointless to have dazu when we just learnt a new piece. Oh the new piece will be called 庆典序曲 and we'll be playing it for FOA! I believe many of us will be familiar with the tune have fun with the crazy erhu parts at the beginning haha.

Oh and those who ate zls' birthday cake needs to pay $1 to wangjia! Those who didn't eat won't need to pay.

That'll be about all I guess.

Have a nice Labour Day holiday! =D

Ying Xuan

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