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Friday, September 12, 2008Y

Hello xianyue! This is yingxuan here. I have a few important things to say here. Since this blog is created I might as well make the most out of it and post anything important up here! Have you all seen the yqp blog, it's seriously good. I mean I want to have a blog like theirs too. And anyway can we ask hanqing to make a new skin after EOYs! I doubt anyone of us knows how to make blogskins. Certainly not me.
Ok for the important things!

1) Attendance instructions
  • If you are going to be absent for any practice (like you know beforehand already) tell me at least 3 days before the practice day itself. If it's very last minute, the latest you can tell me is 1 day before the practice day itself. If there is no letter or official excuse (like class cip etc etc.) and if you knew beforehand but fail to tell me before the practice day, I will mark your attendance as 0.
  • If I think your excuse to not turn up for CCA is invalid (like you got alot of homework to finish, or your parents want you to go out with them), you HAVE to come for CCA. If I think your excuse can be considered I'll consult Mrs Ee first. But please do NOT tell me on the day before if not I wouldn't have time to ask Mrs Ee. In cases like this where you're not sure whether your excuse is valid, please inform me at least 3 days before CCA day. And if your excuse is family matters, please go and find Mrs Ee yourself and tell her personally. If I told you your reason is not valid but you didn't come for cca, I'll mark your attendance as 0.
  • If you are sick on a CCA day, tell me that you can't make it for cca on that day and please give me your MC on the day AFTER cca. If you fell sick on a friday please give it to me on Monday. If it's on a Thursday please give it to me on Friday.
  • If you're going on holidays during holiday practices, please tell me at least 1 week before and the exact dates of your departure and arrival (to and from singapore). Please produce evidence of your trip and give them to me before you leave (if possible, like photocopy air tickets or something) so that we know you'll not be coming for CCA. After you come back from your holiday, please photocopy your passport so that we know that you have indeed gone for a holiday.
  • For people who are Malaysians and are going back home during the holidays, you are advised to find Mrs Ee yourself to tell her personally so that she would know. And please tell me also so I wouldn't call you to ask why you didn't appear for cca. In the case where you cannot find Mrs Ee, please produce parents' letter stating that you're going home from when to when (the exact dates) and give it to me.
  • When 2009 starts and you find out about remedial times which clashes with CCA and the remedials are weekly and not once in a month or once in a year, please tell me when does your remedial ends and you are given 15 mins to report to cca immediately after your remedial ends so please do not dilly dally. After you have told me you have let's say chinese remedial every Tuesday, you do not need to tell me every week anymore UNLESS YOUR REMEDIAL IS CANCELLED. Then please do turn up for cca on time.

2) Dazu

  • When reporting for dazu, please report at least 15 minutes earlier before the actual time so you can tune your instruments and arrange chairs.
  • Holiday practices always starts at 9am be it dazu first or xiaozu first. For dazu please reach m401 by 8.45am. If you know there is going to be a traffic jam, I advise you to leave house earlier. If you're still stuck in a traffic jam, please sms me where are you and around how long more you'll reach.

3) Here are the people who still owe me excuse letters for 4/9/08 which is the September holiday practice.

  • Youzi
  • Noon
  • Ruthanne
  • Felicia
  • Yuehan

4) And many of you still owe me $1 for Teacher's Day presents.

Sorry if I've bored you from all these administrative stuff. And please take the attendance instructions seriously because Mrs Ee is particularly strict about this and you know how upset she gets when people don't turn up for cca without excuses. Especially when she marks attendance during dazu and when she calls names and nobody responds. Please please please strictly adhere to the instructions above about your attendance. I'm gonna be very strict with attendance for the next year so if you have bad habits like not informing your SL or ASL about why you're not coming for cca then you get a zero for attendance EVEN IF YOU TOLD US AFTER THAT AND THE REASON IS VALID. Because in the first place you have not fulfilled your responsibility as a sectionmate in informing us about your attendance for cca. You should know that 0s in your attendance list is gonna look bad in your portfolio, especially when you apply for scholarships in the future (sorry my form teacher just gave us a whole bunch of information on various scholarships that we could apply during pccg today). I hope all of you will treat this seriously as well and those who have bad habits please try to get them corrected so your portfolio wouldn't look that bad!

I'm truly sorry if I'm being harsh but the attendance problem in the whole of CO is currently going haywire so something must be done to correct it and anyway all these did not come from me they came from Mrs Ee.


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