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Thursday, September 18, 2008Y

Hello xianyue! It's your SL again. I'm here regarding your practice schedules after EOYs and during the holidays. =D

Oh before that I'm gonna post the lunch/recess practices schedule here for easy reference.

People who're under YingXuan:
Si Hui and Heng Yeng (Tues recess)
Si Rong (Tues lunch)
Ruthanne and Yuehan (Wed lunch)
Zi Ying (Thurs lunch)
Hui Ling (Fri lunch)

People who're under Queenie:
Jin Cheng (Tues recess)
Wan Ting (Tues lunch)
Wan Qing (Wed recess)
Valesha (Wed lunch)
Carina and Yu Shan (Thurs recess)
Si Ning (Thurs lunch)
Shi Chen (Fri recess)
Marissa (Fri lunch)

Your lunch practices will start during week 7 of term 4!
For gaohu and zhonghu people your names aren't here but if you want practices for your kaoji then feel free to ask me. I'll try to slot you in. And Pui Lin your name isn't here cuz unfortunately both me and queenie are unfamiliar with your kaoji pieces. But if you still want to come for lunch prac we can prac your jibengong with you! =D
This will continue next year until SYF. So be mentally prepared.

Ok for the practice schedules after EOYs and during the holidays.
Practice resumes during week 7 of Term 4 which means there'll be xiaozu on 23 oct and dazu on 24th oct and subsequently until the school holidays.
For school holidays, practices will be on every Tuesday and Thursday full days. Dazu will be in the morning followed by xiaozu in the afternoon. Please be reminded to follow dazu rules posted in the previous post by me.
For our year end break, it'll be scheduled from 1-12 dec so you all can go on holidays or come watch NAC (you are highly encouraged to do so) during this period of time. Practices will resume after 12 dec though. Camp will most probably be on 16-18 dec or 22-24 dec. Please do not forget your huibao!

I think that's about all. I'll let you all know when more updates come. Everyone jiayou for EOYs! =D

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